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How to Avoid Making Interior Painting Color Choice Mistakes

interior painting color mistakes

Painting the interior of your home is supposed to be a fun and rewarding project, even though it's best if you stand to the sidelines and let a professional south shore painter take care of the work for you. Part of the allure is getting to pick your colors and watching your vision come to fruition. What South Shore homeowners rarely give much thought to is what happens if they end up disliking or even hating the colors they pick.

While there are plenty of articles available about how to make good color choices, what about making it a point to avoid poor ones. Learning how not to make a mistake is as important all the things that you should do. This piece is meant to help you sort through all of that.

Steering Clear of Color Palette Pitfalls

Want to know a few of the most common interior painting color mistakes people make, when it comes to choosing paint colors?

Be careful not to match, too much. It can be tempting to try to keep things simplistic by matching, but you can also go overboard with matching. Even if you choose a color that is a slightly more vibrant or subdued shade, it will help prevent matchy-match syndrome.

Don't get caught up in color trends. It can be tempting to make your room as fashionable as the latest hot Pinterest board. Except, this is your home and those crazy colors will soon fall out of fashion. Choose a more subtle and neutral version of the hottest colors and leave the color fads to easily replaceable pieces, like accent pillows.

Remember that the interior of your home should work together, cohesively. It can be tempting to give each room its own unique and vibrant personality. Yet this is the type of approach that can cause your overall interior to clash.

One way to avoid these mistakes is to partner with Savage Painting, the best in the business for interior painting.

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